With a community of over 300 million, Instagram has become one of the largest mobile advertising platforms in the world. Creative, creative, high-quality with high target audience.

He thinks of useful ideas for advertisers' marketing, brand awareness and high return on Instagram. Advertisers can convey their messages more effectively and their audience can be reached more easily. In addition, advertisers now have the opportunity to share their media in one of the new formats.

What are Ad Types?

It increases the alternatives of advertisers that can be used to reach a wide audience with Instagram ads, Horizontal photos and videos, videos that can be extended up to 60 seconds, which can be used to reach a wide audience in a short time ! 

Advantages of Instagram Ads

With these ad types, you can attract users to your website, download your app, get video views, and get brand awareness.

How to Advertise?

These ads, which will allow you to shop directly on Instagram, can be published with the Power Editor ad tool used for Facebook.
The metrics we can measure are impression, reach, frequency, and demographic.


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