Google Adwords is an advertising service offered by Google. Ads from users who advertise with Google AdWords, such as Bing Ads, may be relation; It is located at the top and bottom of the search results on the Google search page. Advertising service accounts for approximately 90% of Google's revenues.

Ad owner determines a budget by entering the title, ad text, url that he wants to publish. Advertisers can choose the country, region or city where the ads will be shown. Apart from that, they can determine the day and hour intervals of the ads, as well as choose demographic features such as age and gender to display the ads. Ads are displayed in Google search results as text ads, associated with keywords.



  • Competitor site and company analysis in your field
    Keywords that Competitors Succeed or Advertise
    Efficient Keyword Research With Professional Tools For Your Own Ad
    Negative Word Analysis That Should Not Be Used In Your Ad
    Developing Advertising Strategies in Compliance with Google Policies
    Audience research
    CPC High Words Cost optimization
    CPC Low-increase visit visits
    Campaign Planning Focused on Product Sales - Service Sales - Brand Awareness According to Your Purpose
    Budget-Cost and Cost-Time Optimization Best Fit for Your Campaign
    Ad Optimization and Support Service During the Publication Period
    Cost-Return Analysis and Reporting


  • Increasing your brand awareness
    Strengthening your assets
    To reach your potential customers
    Increasing your discovery rate
    Build loyalty and increase your sales


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